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DBQ Essay In the start of 1700s slavery was a huge population in America. Americans (especially southern colonies) wanted more slaves to make more profit, but they couldn’t make profit if Indentured servants could be free at an extended time period. Colonies decided to bring more slaves to North America that they could work for them without being free from them. As slavery increase in North America, people say that the North has more slaves than the South but actually the Southern colonies have more slaves than the North.
Around the 1607-1819, the southern colonies (Virginia and Maryland) Indentured servants have decrease and slavery has increase. A statistical table from Estimated Immigration into the thirteen colonies and the United States (Doc A), shows throughout 1600s-1800s the number of indentured servants decrease because this other statistic table shows the average annual value of colonial exports (Doc B) they needed more long term workers to make an average annual value of Exports. Between the south and north, the southern colonies made more goods than the north because in the North they started to be a city orientated place replacing plantation with factories, and a lot of people started to move to the north from Europe to start working in factories, then people didn’t need slaves to work for them since many people started to move into the North. The southern colonies kept the old system of farm orientated, they needed more slaves and the reason why they wanted more slaves was because Johann had said that “A Negro man or woman must account for a quarter acre daily.” (Doc C) Johann have showed that Africans had to do one-fourth daily which was good for people in the south because they needed people to be able to work faster for them. Also the new slave Law shows that if a slave disobey the master could be killed “If any slave resists his master and by the extremity of the correction should chance to die, that his death shall not be accounted a felony” (Doc E). Slavery were easy to access, hard workers which made