Dbq Essay On Ancient Greece

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O beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountain majesties… Oh wait, do you think I am talking about America? No, no, no you got it all wrong. I am talking about ancient Greece. Geography has had a great influence on Greek inhabitants. The mountains that split Greece acted like a barrier. Ancient Greece was also surrounded by the seas which made the Greeks become mariners. The geography affected everything about ancient Greeks. Geography had some positive influences on Greek inhabitants. Some ways this affected Greece was by, the sea, Climate, unstable environment, olive trees, and the Parthenon. The sea acted like a highway for the Greeks and it was positive to their environment because it allowed them to travel …show more content…
Ways this affected Greece was by, were the cities were located, unstable environment, and the natural barrier. Most of cities in ancient Greece were located at the coastline of. This was because of the mountains. This can be a bad thing or a good thing. Many cities would get ruined from storms. This could also be good because they are located near other cities so it was easier to trade goods (doc 1). Greece is an unstable environment because it was right in the middle of a very volcanic zone (doc 3). This was not a good thing because it caused fear, destruction, and even death (doc 3). Finally, the natural barrier was not good because independent communities formed and they were isolated from one another by landscape (doc 5). This was not good because it caused many civil wars (they all lived in the same city-state known as Greece). These are four things that made ancient Greece a bad place to live.
This paper tells how ancient Greece was a good place to live and at the same time it was a bad place to live. Some reasons why ancient Greece was a good place to live were because they lived near the sea, climate, the unstable environment, olive trees, and the Parthenon. Some reasons why Greece is not a good place to live are were the cities are located, the unstable environment, and natural barrier. Would you want to live in ancient Greece? I know I