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Each Estate had its own grievances they that were handled during the French Revolution. The Tennis Court Oath was probably the utmost famous riot during the French Revolution according to my speculation. The first estate or clergy was in a state of panic when the Cahiers came and proclaimed that the clergy give up its state of dominance, the second estate otherwise known as nobility also had its own problems, the Cahiers stated that they give up their statuses, and the third estate or peasants were furious with the conclusion that they payed all the taxes on behalf of the first and second estates and wanted to do something about the decision. I like to think of the first estate as the bullies of the French Revolution. In fact, they used abused their power instead of embracing it. However, the Cahiers indicated that any bishops holding more than one diocese came to an end leaving many bishops with nothing. Thus anyone who was not a noble was eligible to become a bishop. After this Cahier the bishops did not intend to allow Protestants to practice religion. Under the revocation of the Edict of Nantes by King Louis XIV, they wanted to keep Roman Catholicism the only official religion in France. Although, the bishops wanted to fulfill this responsibility they couldn’t do to the cahier.
The second estate was always fearful of what could happen from one day to the next. The second estate was always scared of what the monarchy might rule because that meant that they would have to pay taxes. That intended the nobles would lose tangible status due to the lack of leftover money. Everything was about whom the largest items belonged to such as: dress, hair prettiest clothes, etc. Nobles also worried about being taken out of having the status of a nobleman. One wrong “step” and the monarchy could have you