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In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, scientists created a new scientific world view. They created a heliocentric model of the whole universe to replace the geocentric model. Scientists thought that the universe which was made up of matter in motion could be best comprehended by math and performing experiments. But there were a few political, religious, and social factors that affected their jobs. Out of these three factors, the religious factors affected scientists the most. Political factors affected the jobs of scientists in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. One political factor that affected the jobs of scientists is the church. The church is a political factor because the church stopped the spreading of scientific teachings. As illustrated in document one, Nicolaus Copernicus, Polish priest and astronomer, told the pope that he could use is help by spreading his studies to the people because he thought the pope was so great and had the power to inform many people about his studies. But the pope did not agree to take part in what Copernicus was asking. Another political factor that affected the jobs of scientists is schools and academics. The schools and academics are political factors because France opened schools that had science as one of their teachings. According to document 6, France opened schools because they knew that having a good military and a good fighting strategy would be enough because they had to have knowledge and class too. This helped scientists because what they discover and figure out about the universe or human anatomy and