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After the civil war following the death of Qin Shihuangdi, China was brought under the rule of the Han dynasty. This dynasty was divided into two major periods which were the Western or Former Han (206 B.C- 9 A.D) and the Eastern or Later Han (25-220 A.D.). The establishment that was made by the Qin and that was maintained by the Han has basically defined the nation of China up to present day. The Western Han also had one of the largest cities in the ancient world which was the capital Chang’an. Despite the fact that the Han Dynasty was a very young and new society of China, it invented and improved one of today’s most important technologies, water technology, but also overused the labor of their workers because of the lack of technology. In documents 1, 3, and 4 they all show how the advancement of water technology helped the Han dynasty in different ways, but document 1, 2, and 4 they also show how the labor of workers was increased because of the lack of technology. Advancement in water technology during the Han dynasty was made to provide help in the society as shown in documents 1, 3, and 4. In document 1 they established water conservation offices in each district to help the prevention of floods and help conserve water. Because these water conservation offices were established this caused them to start having more advancement in water technology and learning how to prevent floods, and conserve more water evidence of this can be found in doc 1 “…Order inspections of the waterways, the walls of the cities and their suburbs, the dikes and rivers, canal… and supply enough workers to those who are to carry out the repair work in each district” (Doc 1). That piece of text shows how they are trying to do something to prevent floods and try to conserve more water. In document 3 Fuxi started to use water power to help improve the efficiency of work, this can be found in doc 3 “…Water power was also applied, and the benefit was increased a hundredfold” (Doc 3). Because of the water power he created