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There was a variety of reactions to the European scramble for Africa ranging from European leaders, African leaders, and African citizens. The first document was a persuasive letter sent from the British to an African leader. It basically was stating all of the benefits of letting the British take over while leaving out all of the negatives. This letter, from the perspective of the British official, is sent as a warning. The British know that they can overpower the African civilizations. In their eyes it doesn’t matter whether or not the response is a yes or no; they will invade anyway. A German military officer who describes the African customs and seems to make himself and fellow Germans sound superior writes the eighth document. He views the German and European culture as superior because of the uncivilized and strange religious customs. He sees his own culture as having more order and structure; therefore he views Africans as savage. These two documents are similar in the fact that they both come from the perspective of a European. Both documents also give the feeling of power and superiority over the Africans.
In document two Prempeh I responds to document one in a way that is a bit sarcastic. He declines the request to give his land to the British. In document three, Melenik II writes a letter to European powers and uses the Christian aspect to put his country of Ethiopia in a good light. The Ashanti queen attempts to persuade the Ashanti people to fight back and accuses them of having lost their bravery in document six. The queen believed that what the Europeans were doing was unfair. She wished that her people were being wimps, and she wanted them to stand up for themselves, so she yelled at them in her speech. Samuel Maherero encourages one of his fellow leaders to start an uprising against the Germans in document seven. All of these documents were from the view of