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The Civil War ended and the Reconstruction came. The Reconstruction happened because of the Civil War. The Civil War “destroyed” the South and it had to be rebuild. The Reconstruction was made to rebuild stuff in the South, and it also impacted slavery, by freeing them. Before the Civil War, slavery hit the South and impacted both whites and blacks. To me, the Reconstruction basically had an impact to slaves, on what they can do and not do since they are now free. For the Southern African Americans, the Reconstruction impacted them politically, economically and socially negative by giving up political power, black codes controlling their freedom and getting stuck on debt by their landowners.
The Reconstruction affected newly freed African Americans in a politically negative way by taking away political power and having newly made laws to control their freedom In Doc B, from The Black Reconstruction in America, by Dr. W.E.B, talks what blacks had to do in order to finally have their new social lives, give up and political power. The author states, “Negroes who wanted to work must not dabble in politics. Negroes who wanted to increase their income, must not agitate the Negro problem.” This is negative because the whites are taking away what African American’s ability to vote and it’s a big deal. In Doc M, from the Protest of the Freedmen
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Blacks had to give up political power. Black codes can sometimes question if blacks got the freedom they wanted. Blacks are getting stuck in the poverty because of the debt they are in. The effects of the Reconstruction to the African Americans are important because it discusses how was their first taste of freedom in America. This is also an important piece of American history and why we should learn