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DBQ Rewrite
Theresa Felix America has had one thing in mind for a long time, and that is power. Although there were things that stayed the same such as Expansion into the early 1900th century and early 20th century, there were also changes, such as the over whelming change of power that America gained throughout the years. Both change and continuation were shown during this time. America found the importance in colonies, and trading with nations, along with expanding and improving naval forces and trade. America loves expanding, it has been apparent throughout the years. And new colonies would mean more power and more control. A lot of higher world powers (Doc A) have fought over and “grabbed” the land that they want and would see as helping their countries prosper. America is one the biggest world powers, they have the “Key to China. Which means the key to Chinas Markets. This also alludes to “Scramble for Africa,” which occurred in 1881 and did not end until 1914 in which only 10% of Africa was under European rule. Having the “key” to nations is a continuity in American History, since it was believed that the more land you had the more power you would have. In document H, you can see the fight for such territories. This article was a Supreme Court case deciding on whether or not the newly claimed territories of the US were going to have protection under the United States. The ruling stated that territories were due the full protection of the constitution only when labeled an “Integra; {art of the US.” But the US only acquired 7 territories from 1880 to 1914, in which Hawaii was the only one to become a state. The constant want from America to expand is a continuity, but having of change of rules and plans put America still behind. Although America had so many colonies/ territories they still fell short of the British Empire. To gain new territories America had to step up their game and upgrade their naval forces and trade. The Open Door Policy is shown in document G, in which it is clear that the US is trading with China. The Open Door Policy is a policy that implies that any country could trade with one of Chinas ports, they just couldn’t control the port. America was big on trade, because that gave them opportunity and power. In document E, an example is given of the power America has. Once the US conquered the Philippians they now controlled the pacific. And as Albert J. Beverage said, “The power that rules the pacific, therefore, is the power that rules the world.” And since they had that power they focused on trade, and the “Illimitable Markets” in Asia. Although America had control of the Philippians, they wanted to exploit China for hard labor, and cheap prices, which is seen today, and is a continuity. This gives America a better trading systems, more money and a lot more opportunity to advance. But along with the growth of power, comes the need for protection and safety. The importance of Naval Force is expressed in Document C. As Alfred T. Mahan quotes, “the growing production of the country demands it.” The necessity of gaining of so many territories should be defended by a strong Navy. One that will protect the ports that are being used for the trading. In 1901 to 1909, our Navy went from 6th in the world to 2nd, in just President Roosevelt’s term. He…