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The Women were denied to vote in the United States for many years until August 18, 1920, that they granted the women the suffrage with the 19th amendment to the constitution for women to vote. In the past in the United State, there is not equality between men and women, they deprive women of having some certain right because they believe that what women don’t have to be equal with men. The women supposed to be taking care of the children, denied of owning a property and during housework, they believe that men are supreme than women.
One of the main reasons is during the Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency he make a little motion in supporting the women suffrage but not fully, “he explained that he personally supported voting for women but” I am
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Alice Paul, a social worker come back to the united stated from apprenticeship with one of the England suffragist militant, who gave them another method to use, this method is civil disobedience for them to have help and support from the government. Alice Paul became the leader of the National American Women suffrage Association (NAWSA). Alice Paul told all female activist to have state legislature, their goal is to punish politician who failed to approve suffrage, they went to public building to chain themselves down and called police to arrest the women to cause “hunger strikes” for men’s, because if police get them arrested theirs no our men going to eat. In 1913 five thousand women suffrage activities gathered to protest during the Woodrow Wilson’s presidential inauguration. After four years of failed attempt to get suffrage the National Woman’s part her and supported Paul. In 1917, Alice Paul brings another idea that the suffragist should do something that is more theatrical to power the president to support the suffragist. In 1917 on January 11 Paul and her supporters go to the white house and have their sign and symbols in their hands “walks all day, five days a week, for six months.”(Tindall, Shi 973), the president called for their arrest and over sixty suffragists were jailed. They sentence Alice Paul to seven month in prison because …show more content…
They argued within themselves to know individual perspectives towards it, and some of them believe that the right to vote and to be free, and have a job is for them to have justice. They believe that there must be equality between men and women, they should allow them to exercise their own right as men were allowed in the society as a member and part of the nation. The suffragist advocate argues that women should participate and perform their right in the society rather than selfish gains. They believe that if they were allowed the society is going to move forward and developed. In conclusion, they still deprived them of their rights, but later in the 1920 president Wilson finally granted them the right to vote. But they delay it for six months before the totally agree to grant them the freedom to exercise their rights and the. In spring 1919 congress passed the 19th amendment send it to the states and they vote between 48-48 and Harry Burn changes his vote because of her mother this makes the women have the highest number of supports and they passed the law. After all what they go through they later achieved their aim and over 9.5 millions of women were eligible to