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Andrea Lints
U.S. History

The First World War was a war that would change the United States and Europe forever. The world war would put the United States’ neutrality policy in question as well as display some advancements of war combat. World war one also brought out some troubling qualities that a country can have. Nationalism is a love for one’s country to the extreme. Nationalism is what lead Germany to be able to control so many nations in the western hemisphere. Nationalism can be a good quality but most of the time is a countries down fall. Nationalism can be the only reason for a man to join the army. In one instance, the United States created a song to get men to join the armed forces and fight for what is “right”. The song was very antagonizing and basically tricked men in to going out to war; “make your daddy glad… tell your sweetheart… to be proud her boy’s in line.” (document #5). Militarism is also another factor that lead to the first world war. Militarism is the development of armed forces and their use as a tool of diplomacy. Germany’s army had a great deal of power in their country; the cause of this was nationalism and imperialism. As Germany’s empire grew so did its population; this meant that there were more men to join their armed forces.
Germany also started making many advancements in war combat; they had submarines that patrolled the water in case people tried to send other countries supplies. If there was a ship with cargo on it the German sub would signal a warning for everyone on board to jump off then blow up the ship and cargo. They