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Diploma of Counselling

Workshop 1

Workshop Preparation

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Welcome to workshop 1 for the Diploma of Counselling. The workshop is a compulsory co-requisite requirement for online (blended delivery) students studying the modules: Facilitate the Counselling Process (CHC8D31V) and Counselling Interview Skills (CHC8D02V). Both of these modules are core modules of the Diploma of Counselling (CHC51712).

The following information is designed to assist your preparations for the workshop. Please ensure that you complete your workshop preparations before attending the workshop.

What is Workshop 1

Workshop 1 is a 2-day on-campus weekend intensive workshop, usually held at the end of week 6 in a 12 week term. The workshop is held at this time so you can be confident that you have covered enough of the curriculum in either or both of the modules: Facilitate the Counselling Process and Counselling Interview Skills to participate fully in the tasks of the workshop. Please make every effort to ensure that you are up to date with your studies.

Aim and Objectives of Workshop 1

The purpose of Workshop 1 is to develop, practice and demonstrate basic counselling skills and to structure an initial counselling session. Active workshop participation helps you broaden your skills and understanding of the curriculum you have been reading and discussing in the online class space.

By the end of the workshop, you should be able to:

Demonstrate basic counselling skills in a simulated counselling session.

Demonstrate the capacity to structure a first session in counselling.

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How does the workshop fit with the module assignments and the assessment process?

Each module has a total of 3 assignments that you will submit throughout the term. During the two days you will participate in Skills Practice Assessments that are assessed by the workshop facilitator.

The workshop facilitator will be completing two Skills Practice Assessments for you.

The Skills Practice Assessments are Part A of Assignment 2 for both Facilitate the Counselling Process and Counselling Interview Skills modules. You will need to upload these documents when you upload Assignment 2, one in each module.

To achieve a result of Competent in Facilitate the Counselling Process (CHC8D31V) and/or Counselling Interview Skills (CHC8D02V), students must do and achieve the following:

Facilitate the Counselling Process (CHC8D31V)

Successfully complete and be assessed as satisfactory in all assignment tasks:

· Assignment 1: Short answer responses.

· Assignment 2: Skills Practice Assessment (Part A) & Case study (Part B)

· Assignment 3: Case Study

Attend and satisfactorily participate in the Diploma of Counselling Workshop 1, if ü you are studying the module online.

Upload Assignment 2 Part A (Skills Practice Assessment)