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“Information Technology and the Supply Chain”

I) Question 1:


This case indicates that WoodSynergy Inc. is a midsize corporation in the fine woods supplier business, and the enterprise had lately launched Information technology based supply chain management schemes and was concerned in evaluating the development. They realized that efficiency can be improved by integrating information technology into their systems. They were capable of figuring out the importance of having information which is aligned with their business data. Enhanced data sharing would allow the company to meet order demand and deliver on time with the highest quality.
The Chief information officer of the company explained to the Chief executive
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It is reasonable that this strategy was not chosen to be implemented due to the fact that it is not a service that is delivered electronically, which is the typical case in which this strategy is selected, and therefore needs of intermediaries to provide its goods to its customers.

Secondly, the firm discussed remediation, in which the firm operates more directly with on hand intermediary partners. Even though this strategy usually translates into high contracting risks, the firm selected it due to the firm’s view of sharing data all through the supply chain. Also, because the firm had an encouraging long lasting connection with its most significant distributors, which would improve the high contracting risks pertinent to this particular strategy. In remediation, the customizability factor also applies but in a different way since this only happens if the intermediary can add to the customizing process instead of getting in the way.

Lastly, the third strategy that WoodSynergy conferred about was the network-based mediation in which strategic alliances and partnerships are built with existing and potential industry players. The reason these industry players, that can sometimes be even competitors, work closely together is the high search costs that sometimes companies come upon. These search costs are a key factor for a company to locate its products as well as information. Also the necessity of a real-time interface allows