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Michele is the only real victim in ‘I’ am not scared’. Do you agree? In the novel ‘ I’m not scared’, by underdoing a series of kidnapping, there are more than one innocent people had been hurt instead. Obviously, typical of the real victim who lost his childhood innocent and his family ship is Michele. Likewise Filipe lost his family value and the sense of survival as well. However, by showing the advantage and positive side of their humanity which are reliable, keeping promise and devotion it makes the hurt they went through seem to more serious and touching with contrast. As the novel progressed further, more and more poignant issue upon Teresa taken place. Due to these poignant Teresa lost her identity upon family and the reliance of her son Michele. Michele is not the only real victim in the novel, yet Filipe and Teresa are the real victims as well. Michele, a nine-year-old boy in the outfield, lost his carefree childhood innocent and his family relationship by going through a series of kidnapping. At the very beginning by describing a peaceful and cheerful race between Michele &his mates Niccolo Amanniti presented Michele’s childhood which is a boy be supported to have, however everything got changed since Michele found the hole placed a poor little boy. For keeping this secret, also for keeping Fillip’s safe Michele had to do everything alone. He must face the lies from his father who Michele used to believe instead. As the novel progressed further he