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a model of brand

graphic devices

product form

Concept maps are webs of linked terms that help us visualize our mental models and clarify our thinking. In concept maps, verbs connect nouns to form propositions.
Examples and details also accompany the terms. More important terms receive typographic emphasis; less important ones and examples are grayed back and pushed to the periphery.


Brands as signs brand perception


form of vehicles

The diagram attempts to present a comprehensive model of brand. It is framed around four main ideas:
1) a brand is more than a name or symbol
2) creating a great customer experience is the essence of good branding
3) perceptions of a brand can be measured
4) brands are a form of sign





To complete the framework of the model, the set of terms related to brand must be linked to the set of terms related to experience.
Perception, common to both sets, is the link.



object product interpretant experience perception




FDR’s “Happy days are here again”


Wrigley’s “Double your pleasure; double your fun”

tag lines

Nike’s “Just do it”


The Star-Spangled Banner

auditory icons

Intel Inside TV ad signature
AOL’s “You’ve got mail”
Dolby THX’s “sonic boom” telephone dial tone
Henry Mancini’s Pink Panther theme

(or ideas)

describing products analogies for products superlatives and qualities unrelated to the product

Digital, Huggies, Newsweek
Oracle, Pampers, Sprint
All, Best, General, Paramount,
Apple, Camel, Frog, Thrasher

surnames first names groups Dell, Ford, McDonald’s
Aldus, Ben & Jerry’s
Quaker Oats, Roman Meal

specific spot city or town region country continent larger still

Parliament, Wall Street Journal
Calistoga, Corning
Eastern, Great Plains
British Airways
North American Van Lines
Global, World, Universal

static identity systems with fixed rules
United Airlines kinetic identity systems 3 with rules allowing variation
MIT Media Lab


most brand names and symbols can be converted to property by applying to a government to establish trademark ownership; once the government approves a trademark application, a trademark owner may prevent other people from using the trademark without permission sounds


a brand name is a signifier; signifiers are those things we hear or see that bring to mind the signified



Coke for Coca-Cola
GM for General Motors
MSFT for Microsoft

can be

symbols do not represent brands directly; instead, symbols call to mind the name of a brand which in turn calls to mind an associated perception represent

In this model, a brand manager (or steward) is responsible for any item which comes into contact with customers. By controlling all the touch points, the manager tries to ensure that customers have a great experience.

the GOP elephant




which inhabit real or fantasy worlds human-like figures, based on the product – the M&Ms men animals – Morris The Cat people – Cap’n Crunch magical creatures – Keebler Elves


Peirce suggests a more complex model of signs. His model has three parts: object, representamen, and interpretant. The concept of brand as formed by the triad: product, name, and perception, parallels
Peirce’s three-part model. product Martha Stewart for herself
Dave Thomas for Wendy’s
Bill Gates for Microsoft




Bill Cosby for Jello

graphic devices may be deployed as


Creating a great customer experience
Of course, perception of a brand does not arise on its own. Rather, it grows out of experience with a product. Here, product is used in a broad sense incorporating the results of many