De Fustration Station Research Paper

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De-Frustration Station
Cory Cornell
Colorado Christian University De-Frustration Station
Executive Summary With all the anger and aggression in the world today, what about having a safe place to go for an outlet? A place where your name is confidential, and you are not judged. We provide that safe zone. You can yell, scream, and break things or whatever you need to do to assist you in relieving all you’re pent up aggressions. We offer a room similar to a racquetball court with tinted doors. In these rooms you can throw, smash, and destroy items. There are no weapons allowed, a hold harmless waiver must be signed, no alcohol or drinking on the premises, and only one person per room. There will also be a Social Worker and medically trained personnel on
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Per wk., 52 wks. = $20,280/yr., 6 workers- $121,680/yr.
Instructors- charge for their services and are paid directly.
Social Workers- charge for their services and are paid directly.
With my wife and I being disabled Veterans and starting an innovative business like this in our area we would look into the different VA grants and loans. The SBA would also be a great source for different funding options.
In conclusion, as long as my wife and I can reach out doing God’s work helping others we will always be successful. This business would not be built on the premise to get rich. Money can’t buy happiness. Working just for money leads to greed which is one of the cardinal sins. We have lost too many people due to suicide and if we can reach just one we will be successful.

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