De ja vu Essay

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The English language is commonly known to have been derived from Latin but when we look closer it seems as though the English language is made up of many different languages, all of which have originated from Latin themselves. English is made up of words borrowed from languages all over the world, primarily from German, French and Spanish. Although most words are translated, English partly consists of words or phrases taken raw from their language.
Some of the language’s most commonly used phrases haven’t even originated in America. The words and feeling associated with Déjà vu is felt around the country thousands of times a day, a feeling that we couldn’t have described before a phrase that dates back to 1928, France. (Wikipedia) was introduced. Déjà vu literally translates into “been there, done that” and as it’s adapted it loses its smoothness. Among others, Déjà vu is just an example that some borrowed words should remain as their derived language intended them, but also these words expand and add culture to the language, gifting us with a wider vocabulary and new ways to express things we previously couldn’t.
Words have the ability to paint pictures, but we don’t want a boring, bland picture, we want beautiful pictures, filled with color and emotion, pictures painted by beautiful and emotional words. Now I’m not saying that English isn’t a beautiful language but a certain extravagance is added when we copy words from foreign languages. Thinking about it now, we…