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For years now, drug trafficking has been a concern for the nation’s government. Not only is this true, but it is a major problem in other countries as well. Since drug usage and trafficking was considered a high priority problem, the DEA also known as the drug enforcement administration was created. This administration began in 1973 by President Nixon. Nixon’s intentions by creating the DEA would be to monitor the drug trafficking and its problems within the United States and throughout other countries around the world. Since the creation of this agency, there has been a stop to a great deal of the drug problems around the world.
Although the DEA began in 1973, there was a very similar administration that had been around since the year,
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This epidemic started out as cocaine being shipped to the United States from the Bahamas in the form of powder. Dealers soon realized that this powder could be converted to a “crack” form, which is a smokeable form of cocaine. “This new form of drug was significantly cheaper than usual and highly profitable for dealers to develop.” (Us Drug Enforcement Administration) Crack began to spread drastically everywhere throughout the United States and across the world.
Once the year 1992 rolled around, the DEA began to use the Kingpin Strategy. The Kingpin Strategy, “focused investigative and enforcement efforts on specific drug trafficking organizations.” (US Drug Enforcement Administration) In order to do this, the DEA had plans to attack many of the major drug trafficking organizations in their most vulnerable areas. This consisted of their, “chemicals needed to process the drugs, their finances, communications, transportation and leadership structure.” (US Drug Enforcement Administration) Every time this organization was caught in one of these various areas, it weakened their system and made it easier for the DEA to hunt down and arrest and prosecute the managers and dealers of the organization.
Operation Dinero started up in the year 1994. The purpose of this operation was to target the financial networks of international drug organizations. In order to help do this, there were a number of undercover corporations set up in many different jurisdictions that were