Dead Man Walking Essay

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English 12th
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Dead Man Walking

Prejean’s relationship and mood toward Patrick Sonnier changes drastically throughout the book. It goes from being a nervous jailhouse spiritual adviser to an attached close friend of the inmate. All of the inmates that she dealt with came to enjoy her company and help trying to get them out of the death penalty. Prejean was a very compassionate and loving individual, or at least that is the image that she put up throughout the book. She even was compassionate towards the people that didn’t agree with what she was doing, such as the victims’ families that also happened to be Catholic. Although people criticized what Prejean was doing she didn’t let it bother her because in her heart she was doing the right thing. When Prejean first started serving as a spiritual adviser to Sonnier, she was nervous as can be about the mental state of an inmate that knows he is going to die. Prejean did not let this shake her up and discourage her from doing her duties as a chaplain. Sonnier ended up being one of the nicest men Prejean had ever med, despite his killing spree that put him in jail. Prejean loosened up a bit when she saw that she was not dealing with an insane man, and he was just a normal human being that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Prejean would soon face her biggest obstacle yet in the Louisiana prison.

Prejean had heard about the brother of Sonnier, but never met him until now. She felt sorry for him because he was the one that was responsible for the death of the two girls and his brother was being put to death for it. The got confused on how they would plea and his brother plead guilty for a crime he didn’t commit, and this made Prejean feel even more sorry for the both of them. Prejean developed a close relationship with Sonnier who was on death row; because that’s the whole reason she took up this task was to learn more about death row inmates and to protest the death penalty in the state of Louisiana. Prejean has even