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Dead Poets Society/Catcher in the Rye

The Catcher in the Rye and Dead Poets Society are very similar stories. Both deal with the coming of age in the lives of prestigious young men. These two stories also deal with the conformity of these young men in their transition from private boys school to the real world. There are two young men from each of the stories whose lives are alike yet different in some ways. Holden Caufield and Neil Perry are two young men coming of age searching for who they are and what they want to be in life and wanting to escape the confines of conformity and what they are expected to be. Both are the same age or around the same age and they are both students at upscale private schools for boys. They
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He wanted the freedom to choose and be supported by his parents with whatever he decided but, he knew he would not have that. Both of the characters have estranged parents, but they are estranged in different ways. Holden’s parents seem to never be around or even interested in him. He describes his father as a phony who spends his money on Broadway plays and only concerned with appearances. but Holden seems to be afraid of his father also which is why he dreads going home after being kicked out of Pency. His believes his mother’s aloofness is due to her never getting over Allie’s death. Neil’s parents are in his life, but they are oblivious to Neil’s feelings. They have no idea what it is that Neil wants and desires for himself or the effect of being forced to things he does not want to do is having on him. These stories are quite similar in many ways. They are two stories which took place around the same time, about coming of age, conformity. Holden resists conformity on his own and ventures off to New York alone searching for something, for who he is. Neil was inspired by Keating to break free but, explore this conformist society. Neil knew what it was that he wanted to do with his life, he wanted to act but that was an unacceptable way of life in his family. Holden didn’t seem to have any true friends except his 10 year old sister Phobe. She was the only person he really liked and could talk to. Neil had friends at Welton who took a stand for him at the