Dead Poets Society Conformism

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The Dead Poet Society is a movie that resonates with a sensitive point in someone’s life, with the conformity the nineteen fifties as a compelling backdrop. This film has been heavily criticized for being highly predictable (Ebert). Though what can be seen as an unoriginal plot, it is more of a simplistic narrative that relies on its character appeal and visual theming. To create an emotionally completing experience about coming into one’s own in a conformist era.
One of the ways this is accomplished by the dichotomy between Mr. Keating and Neil Perry’s father. With a charming performance from Robin Williams, Keating serves as an emotional catalyst to the boy’s bolder action during the majority of the film(Parker). With an often warm and supportive air about the new teacher is more interested, in giving the boy’s in his class the courage to “seize the day.” then anything from the textbooks. In contrast to Mr. Perry played by Kurtwood Smith, is a parent that is so rigid and set in his way it could be considered almost comical(Emerson). Mr. Perry is extremely imposing and strict nature invokes the childhood and adolescent fear of parental disapproval. His harsh commanding tenor when he says “but until then, you do as I tell you to!” when his son Neil started to show interests outside his studies. Is tonally
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Though the film takes place at the edge of century that prided itself in tradition; having the film go in-depth about the types of pottery and cultural changes that where according during the nineteen fifties may confuse if not bore the average audience member. Using the of well-known poets such as Robert Frost and Shakespeare allows for the audience imminently understand the work that’s being presented. While mixing works from the character to flesh out their personality and goals especially for character that where be pushed to aside ‘till the