Essay on Deadly Unna

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 The picture we get of black in the first chapter is he is someone with a good sense of humour because he always calls the coach ‘Arks’ and because he buys stale waffles from Arks store in home he might hear him say arks.

 I think Black realises how serious Arks is about football and that he feels a bit sorry for arks because he had been in eight grand finals and lost in all of them. Blacky doesn’t want to feel as if he has let down arks and the team and wants to give arks hope by saying, ‘don’t worry, were gonna win this one’

 Dumby Red seems like he thinks he’s cool, the way he combs his hair and because of what he wears. Blacky thinks that Dumby is a show off and doesn’t like him the first time he meets him.

 Blacky seems to have a pretty great relationship with his siblings and they all look to be a pretty close family except for his dad.

Best team man is called that because he has very good football skills, he is a strong player who has plenty of speed, can kick with both of his feet and can catch the ball really well. He constantly listens to the coach and is very devoted. The bad thing about him is that he cannot understand the game plan, he never gets the ball, he is a hopeless player but because of his enthusiasm he has won best team man every year that’s why they call him best team man.

 Blacky had never been to the point because when him and pickles attempted to go there they thought of all the stories that were told about the nungas attacking people who went there and they ended up running all the way back home.

 Blacky doesn’t go near his father’s boat