Deaf Coffee Chat Research Paper

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The Deaf Coffee Chat was created to be an enjoyable society event for Deaf people in the community. It is a great chance to get together to meet and connect with people on a different level. Everyone is invited to the events. It is also a great way for ASL students to come and learn and get a chance to experience this get together. The Deaf community provided places like this to meet to create a positive relaxing environment for everyone to feel comfortable.

Being a part of the Deaf Coffee Chat was nothing like I was expecting. I was actually nervous attending this event because I am so new to the language. On Tuesday June 13 I planned on attending one of the coffee chats in Cresskill, New Jersey. I found out after arriving at the pizza place, they no longer hosts the meeting. I was disappointed and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find another one in time.
That same week there was another meeting. The Deaf Chat was hosted at Panera in West Orange, New Jersey. At first I was nervous to make the trip because it was in an area I was not familiar with. On June 15, I attended the West Orange meeting and it was an experience I have never had before. I arrived a little late to the chat due to traffic so when I finally got there I saw many people were already there,
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There were maybe about 15 to 20 people. Everyone was extremely sweet and made me feel comfortable right away. There were a few girls there around my age. I found really interesting that most people that attended the Deaf Chat spoke English and also signed. Only a couple of people there were deaf and the others were either hearing people or partly deaf. I liked that I was able to connect with people from a different culture and was able to socialize with other people besides being in the hearing world all the time. It was amazing looking at the world threw their eyes and language to communicate with