Deaf People Case Study

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These changes have resulted Deaf people demand greater access to information, communication and the services offered by the company to its citizens / as suffering from this disease

This can go from mild to severe

A) Mild hearing loss
A person with mild hearing loss can hear some sounds, but not to hear whispers in a good way.

B) Moderate hearing loss
A person with moderate hearing loss may not hear very well when someone speaks at a normal volume.

C) severe hearing loss
A person with severe hearing loss cannot hear what someone says and this person can only perceive some loud sounds.

D) Profound hearing loss
A person with profound hearing loss cannot hear what is said and can only
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Sign languages are natural languages with grammatical structures definided.There are people whose mother tongue is sign language. The process of language acquisition in children who have studied native language is a sign language that follows similar steps to fully acquire spoken languages.
Spanish sign language, French Sign Language or British Sign Language aren’t ways to encode the Spanish, French or English through gestural signs.
The sign language of certain countries and spoken language grammatically differ in many different aspects, such as the position syntactic or syntactic constituent order. Sign languages have some kind of dependence on oral languages, for example, the basically use a spelling of the words of a spoken language using gestural symbols.
All sign languages aren’t similar.
Sign languages are different, as much in the lexicon (set of gestural signs or signs) and grammar.
1.6 Classification :
Modern sign languages, like spoken languages, are subject to the universal process of linguistic change does to evolve in different places to different varieties. In fact, many modern sign languages can be classified into 4