Deal with Conflict Situation Assignment Essay

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SITXCOM003A: Deal with conflict situations


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❖ Question1:

Outline a 6 point Complaint handling strategy for a 100 seat upmarket restaurant. Explain each strategy in detail.


With an upmarket restaurant, we need to offer a very high standard in customer service. When running a business, complaint can not be avoidable as it can happen at any time. Therefore, we need to have an appropriate complaint handling strategy ready when any problem arises. The following 6 points are the general action for any complaints from customer:

1) Listen to the complaint & acknowledge the problem

Listening is a first very important thing
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Firstly, after getting the complaint from the customer, I shall say sorry to him as that is my error. I empathise that it is a meaningful gift he can offer to his mom after this trip. Therefore, I will try my best to solve the problem but I also have to pay attention to the group. I will take everyone to the business area in the airport in order everyone can buy something before going home. In there, I will get an Aodai – a Vietnamese traditional dress. Then, it is a good idea to return his money back & offer the dress as my gift for his mom. If he is happy with that, I shall say sorry again & hope that he enjoyed a good trip. If he explains that he really needs another one which is important. I will ask about his address then I will try to buy it & send to his place in the future.

4) Example 4

When working as a chef in a kitchen of a small restaurant, I received a complaint from some waiter that the food has some not good smell.


After getting the complaint from the waiter, I will go to the restaurant to see the customer. Firstly, I shall say sorry to him about the problem. Then I will ask more details about his feeling about the foods. If it is true that there are some ingredients which have bad smell in there, I will acknowledge that it is my fault. Then I will say I will change a new one for him. If he does not like the menu anymore, it should be better to let