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Anticipating Stress is a combination of multiple simple techniques; Reducing Uncertainty (question what you will be doing and provide tactics to help), Rehearsal (practising your performance to find weaknesses to correct) and reducing the importance of an event (think about the event in a way so that it doesn’t seem as important as you first thought)

Imagery is a great method to reduce stress. Some environments can be very calm, whereas others can be very stressful, often making it harder to perform even the simplest of tasks. Imagery works by just imagining and picturing a calm peaceful place, this can involve calm views, soft sounds and/ or nice smells. A great example is the beach, quiet crashing waves, soft sand and warm sun.

Thought Awareness involves you realising that you are thinking negative thoughts, writing them down, and letting them go. Doubting your abilities, criticizing yourself and expecting errors are thoughts that can be removed by using thought awareness. This is the first step into eliminating negative thoughts.

Diaphragm Breathing consists of 3 slow breaths. Use your diaphragm to breath (stomach instead of chest) in, count to three. When breathing out count to 6, using your diaphragm will allow you to inhale and exhale more. This technique is useful for slowing down your breathing, making you more relaxed and prepared.

Exercising is a good stress technique and can help clear your mind. When you exercise, your heart rate rises, increasing blood flow and providing you with useful sugars and oxygen. Exercise can also cause the release of chemicals into the bloodstream called endorphins, these chemicals give you the feeling of happiness and can positively affect your overall feelings

Improving Attitudes is helpful when seeking relief from stress. Having a negative attitude towards something will most times, end with a negative result. Changing your attitude and having a positive look on something can great improve your results. This mental method helps with relieving stress caused by personal thoughts.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation is a stress technique scientifically proven to help. Tensing a…