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A simple man to a hero, what a transformation that would be. To a normal nobody to a somebody. Most people think that a hero would be like superman or even spider man someone with power and strength well not in the J.R.R Tolkien best seller The Hobbit. Hero has a whole different meaning Bilbo Baggins was just a ordinary hobbit who lived in his hobbit hole and did nothing out of the ordinary because those things made him late to dinner but something amazing comes into his life, a wizard and 13 dwarfs.
The Hobbit is about this ordinary hobbit and a group of dwarfs who go on a adventure and kill a dragon. One part in the book everyone goes to Bilbos house unexpectedly and that is where it started, they decide what they are going to do, and who is in charge. Everyone had doubted Bilbo until Bilbo saved all of them, by the end Biblo was not just a normal hobbit anymore he was hero.
Bilbo Baggins was just getting ready to sit down for tea time and there was a knock at the door, Bilbo had know idea who it was he gets up and answer the door it was a dwarf who said "Dwalin at your service!” Bilbo had know idea what was going on he was shocked, he thought it would be Gandalf coming for tea but then there was another knock and another and in a blink of the eye 13 dwarves where in his house eating his food and drinking his tea.
Mr.Baggins had no clue what was going on until they all sit down at the table and Thorin brings up an adventure, to go get their gold and money that a dragon has and killed everyone in the kingdom.
Through out the book Bilbo gets more courageous more out there the dwarfs never thought he would be able to do it. One part of the book Bilbo get stuck in the dark cave well there is a creature down there and the only way he can get out is if he beats the creature at the riddle game. Biblo found a ring put it in his pocket and Bilbo asked “What is in my pocket?” The creature did not know until he noticed it was his invisibility ring bilbo ran, ran

pasted the goblins and out of the cave to all the dwarfs. Everyone was shocked that Bilbo made it out of the cave alive and…