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Dear America: A Picture of Freedom

My book is called Dear America: A Picture of Freedom. The author is Patricia C McKissack. The setting of the book is The Belmont Plantation, which is located near Richmond Virginia, in 1859. The time is in the fifteen hundreds. It is in on a farm. The author’s purpose of writing this book is to inform. It is a nonfiction book.

Clotee is a twelve year old slave girl, Aunt Tee is a sixty four year old and is the midwife and the chef, Uncle Heb is the gardener, Spicy is a house worker then field worker, Miz Lilly and Mas Henley are Clotee’s masters. William is the master’s son. Mr. Hams is the tutor and an abolitionist. Hince is the jockey, Missy is a tattletale, Waith is the overseer, Rufus is a field worker and he is the father of Baby Noah, Angie is the mother of Baby Noah, she is also a field worker. Wook is the other daughter of Angie and Rufus. Lee is the husband of wook.

My favorite characters are Hince, Spicy, Clotee, and Aunt Tee. The reason they are my favorite they remind me of my family. Hince is just like my uncle Jay, he is wild. Spicy reminds me of myself because I am clumsy. Clotee reminds me of my grandma Gay because she tries to help everybody. Aunt Tee reminds me of my Great Aunt Maggie because she has a short temper.

Clotee taught herself to read and write, if she tells the wrong person she will be whipped. She plans to help all the people who are close to her by helping them escape. She does this with the