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Letter to My future daughter Cecelia May 2013

Dearest Cecelia,
The world you are in is a very dark place, it is full of War, deception, poverty, racism, and it lacks a caring Government. Some of these issues we have been facing for hundreds of years. I think by far the worst issue we have to face is ongoing racism, not just against other people but also to your own kind. Sweetheart, people in this world are going to have hatred towards you , not just because your girl, but also because your skin color. There are some crazy people in this world babygirl, the kinds of people who shoot up movie theatres full of innocent people, people who go from building to building on a college campus stabbing people. Who kill innocent little school kids like your siblings. I can’t help but imagine it’s going to be like in your time . My one hope is that this generation that’s full of instant gratification, otherwise known as the “me” generation is over, or that its at the tail end.
I have many concerns for you, and growing up in this world I’ve been describing, one of the biggest concerns for you is racism. Some people might try to make you feel guilty for slavery, amongst other things. Being that you are part white, and part black, I fear you will get harassed worse than your father and I did. Another concern I have for your generation has to do with your schooling and the things you’re taught. I pray that you are told the truth from a young age. And lastly, I’m scared that all the jobs will be taken. I can only pray that, the job market has jobs available to you after you graduate.
Cecelia when I think of your generation I think of a beautiful world, where we aren’t in debt. Where our precious home, Earth isn’t falling apart. Everyone recycles and donates to charities, but a world where don’t need charities, because everyone is taken care of. Everyone can afford the basic necessities like food, a car, healthcare. I see a world where our technology is moving at a reasonable pace, not as fast as it is now. I can imagine a government who honors their commitments to THE people. No war, hippie status as some will call it. Gay marriage, and pot smoking – both legal activities. Monsanto completely gone. No GMO’s, no big PHARMA companies. But alas we live in a world where change takes a long time, just look at when I grew up for example; Racism was a big part of my upbringing. Most people didn’t know it but yes I was harassed because I’m white. Called every name in the book, from Indian killer to slave owner to buffalo killer. Anything you could say, ive heard it. I used to apologize for the things of the past. Then someone said “you should not be held