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Dear Company Q,

After close review of your response to your local food bank and your community I hope to offer my insight to help your company realize its lack of social responsibility in the community. I am saddened to hear that the company has decided to for go their donations of day-old products due to the mistrust in its employees and concern of loss of profit. I am also aware of the consumer demand for health-conscience and organic products that your company has started to offer after years of demand. I understand that you have recently closed two of your stores due to a loss of profit in areas which are know for higher crime rates. These types of areas tend to lean on the local food banks and other organizations for help, as they tend to be in the “low income” neighborhoods. By closing these stores and eliminating your donations the community is at a loss of not only food donations but also those who were employed at these stores. Thus making the social responsibility of the company non-existent as the food and jobs were eliminated putting the community at a loss.

I have come up with three recommendations that your company can make to donate the day-old products, eliminate the fear of possible fraud and increase your willingness to offer health-conscience products to the community. Thus increasing your company’s social responsibility. These three actions will result in a win-win situation for all involved.

First, I would like to help with the donations of day-old products. What I suggest is that you put two of your trusted managers from each store in charge of the donations. By doing so you no longer run the risk of having goods stolen by employees as you will have two people keeping track of these goods. They will be able to over see the donations and help organize those products that will be donated. This should help you keep track of those products that are to be sent to your local food bank.

Second, I acknowledge your concern for lose of revenues due to possible fraud and/or the stealing of goods by employees. One recommendation that I can make to you is to educate your employees on why…