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Dear Dad,

I don’t know how to say it so the best way for me to tell you how I feel is to write it. Through this letter I want to apologize for disappointing you. I know you have many dreams for me and you want me to work hard to fulfill them. You want me to be a successful woman in life and want me to be on the top of the world. I’ve never felt so guilty about my actions in my life. I’m sorry because I can’t be the daughter that you can be proud of right now. I may not deserve it but I need you to forgive me. Dad, I know everything you do is for me. I did something horrible, disgraceful, and heartbreaking for you. And you have to know that when I did it I honestly never thought about how you and mom would feel. I have to explain to you that this has only happened three times and you probably won’t believe me but I still have to say it. What I did was never a full time thing or a group effort. When I did do it I did it once with a girl from school, who I stop talking to before u even found anything and the rest of the times I was alone. The pipe that you found in the bag I got at a party someone gave it to me and it was already used. The ashes u found in the car were from me cleaning the bag that it was in. but I know that no matter what I say it isn’t going to change what is done. I need you to know that this event never changed my goals or the outcome of anything I do. On the next page you will see my grades of my first semester of college and even though you’re not proud of me as a person, you have to see that I’m a good student. I tried so hard this semester and I think this will work for me.
We not communicating kills me. I don’t know how to think, I’ve given you time to process and to recover. I don’t even have words to explain my remorse. I’m sorry dad. I’m not good at admitting that I’m wrong and I think I get my pride from you but I am truly truly sorry for the pain and anger that I’ve caused you. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to gain your trust again. I feel like I’ve killed a part of you and I’m going to revive it. I love you and im sorry for being so inconsiderate about my actions.


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