Dear Department of Psychology at the University of Maryland Essay

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Dear Department of Psychology at the University of Maryland,

Gurung tested which study skills is better than the other one. In the study he knew there might be different ways to study but not all will help improve learning within the brain. In his study, there were two hundred and twenty nine students, 169 women and 60 men. Most of the students were freshmen and others were sophomore, juniors, and seniors. He then asked the students which study methods they used were more successful then the other by using it on 5-point scale and asked if their were any distractions while they study. For example, using your cell phone or watching television. Also he asked how confident were the students understanding the material, how many hours they study for the test, and the number of days they started studying before the test. Then he added the list of questions at the end of four exams for students to answer. Gurung did this in order for the students to understand their study habits. After reviewing the results from the study, we can infer studying from four to six hours for a final will provide positive results versus studying less and more. In adition students who have distractions whiles studying tend to do badly on exams. This shows us we need to encourage students not to get distracted from their studies by listening to music and using the Internet.

Elaborative rehearsal suggests the more a person processes information with association to things like words; they store and encode the material until the person is ready to retrieve it later on. This improves a person’s memory on the material. This makes it easier for to recall a fact for an exam because it is a cue to remember concepts during your exam. It is better than repeating information over and over again, which will cause horrible test scores. In Gurung results, the more students use memory techniques like reviewing their notes, reading their