Report About My Brother

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Dear Diane and Laura, Hi my name is Mikel and my best experience with reading and writing would have to be writing a report about my brother, because he is my biggest role model and has made a huge impact early on in my life with helping me make decisions and what not so there for I am so thankful for him in my life. 2. Since I talked about my best memory I better talk about my worst. My worst was in 9th grade with Mr. Provo because he made us write/do a research paper on our ancestors which was honestly unbelievably hard for me because I have never really liked writing in the first place but I do like reading do not get me wrong. 3.My favorite school subject was government because our teacher always had us do debates, which that means I liked to be a part of them because I’m really interested in our government so I liked to express my opinion and see what others think as well . 4. Well my personal goals at Mstate are just to get me to see what college is like before I transfer to a bigger college and far away with home. 5. I plan to have a major in special education and a minor in coaching. So with that I want to be right back in Detroit Lakes where it all began being a teacher and coaching football and wrestling, and also to help make an impact in others life’s as they did to mine. 6. The way my mind is set there has never been a barrier to deny me from success or completing my goals because I have a very well work habit and am committed to making my life the best