Dear Diary Essay

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Dear Diary, Today was a bad day for me and the other plebeian servants at Leonardo Manor. We were treated a little better than the slaves by our patrician master, but not well at all. Leonardo, owner of the estate, underpaid me once again. I spent everything I had in order to go to Circus Maximus, where I watched the gladiators fight in front of a crowd of nearly 200,000. Fortunately, food was free and the battle was entertaining. Near the end I was no longer hungry, and I took advantage of some time to rest my sore bones. As I walked back home to my small bed and little else, I noticed a senator talking to some bystanders about politics and about the glory of Rome. He sounded foolish since everyone including myself knew that the Senate had lost most of its power to the Emperor. Still I thought about how powerful they were and what privileged lives they lived, while I had nothing to look forward to but a life of hard work with no reward. It was easy to imagine attacking that senator with one of the swords used by a gladiator, or worse. After entertaining my wishful thoughts for a while, I decided to go home and change clothes. The tunic I was wearing was starting to get heavy on my shoulders. I didn't have much for dinner, only had a piece of bread and some fruit, like I had at the Coliseum. Obviously I can not afford the food that the patricians eat, such as duck and pork. I am quite exhausted from work, the arena and walk…