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Dear Grandchildren,
I would like to speak to you about the world today and how it has changed or is changing. This is an important topic because it talks about past history that may have been forgotten. What has happened in your Great or even Great Great grandparents lives has changed the world forever and this is why. In 1963, an African American named Martin Luther king junior gave a speech. In this time period your great great grandparents were alive. Martin's speech talked about everyone being equal, he wanted to bring colored people and whites together as one. I know, its weird to think that at any point everyone was separated, at least i hope it would sound weird. Assuming history has not overlapped. Back then each race had different seats on the bus, they drank out of different water fountains, used the restroom on different toilets, they thought being colored was like a disease. Today i am proud to say that everyone is treated the same, no one is an outcast. This is because in the time period of 1963 there was a guy named Martin, who wanted to make a difference and succeeded. As for the year that your great grandmother was alive, things were improved yet so different. During her time period as a child, she would get beat by her mother for not doing what was expected of her. This was known as normal for her time; abuse wasn’t yet seen as a problem by the public. This was because the economy was falling people prioritized differently, finding a job was very hard, many people were getting laid off. Your great grandmother was so desperate that she would steal from her own mother to pay for something. Yet she loved her family very much, stuck in an apartment with 6 of your great aunts and uncles, she would do whatever it took to make these times better than they were. Today, life is easier yet it is falling. People are going to college, getting jobs for their success, and still we have some people that don’t follow through. They’re…