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Dear Manager of the Oaksville Nursing Home

I am writing to you as a voluntary advocate to one of your clients/patients Mr Patel. Mr Patel is 65 years of age, he is an Asian man and only speaks a few words of English and cannot read or write due to his cultural background, this is effecting Mr Patel’s communicating not just with staff but also with other residents at Oaksville Nursing Home which is bad for Mr Patel as very little communication can affect Mr Patel’s confidence and can also lead to depression, as Oaksville is all about the wellbeing of their residents it would be beneficial to hire a translator or even a tutor for Mr Patel to work with and learn English and help with his correspondence. This would not just benefit Mr Patel but also those who care for him and also put his family’s minds at ease to know that he is being cared for and is enjoying himself and building a relationship with other residents. Mr Patel does not find some staff members and other residents polite as they do not call him by his surname and he finds this very rude due to his upbringing and religion to show respect in Mr Patel’s country it is polite to call people they hardly know by the surname until they build a relationship or that person says otherwise. As Mr Patel is limited with his communication he tend to spend most of his time in his room and other residents are starting to see him as being withdrawn from the rest of the residents. The only time Mr Patel seems to become happy is when his son comes to visit him as he can speak both languages. Mr Patel’s son can tell the members of staff what Mr Patel would like to say to them which he should not have to do, Mr Patel’s son does not visit often so Mr Patel can go days without expressing himself in a full conversation. Unfortunately Mr Patel’s son has informed the care home that Mr Patel is struggling with his hearing which the staff should pick up on things like this but die to his poor English they are not able to. Mr Patel has also complained about a number of things to his son which he does not like or appreciate. Mr Patel finds some of the care staff extremely rude as they call him by his