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Dear Ms. Fister,

My name is Aditya and I really enjoyed the first day in your class. English class never looked this entertaining before. I don’t think you taught someone named Aditya before because my name is really uncommon even in India the country I emigrated from. I was five years old when I left India and arrived in Canada. The week I reached I had to attend kindergarten, which was difficult since I didn’t know any English. As the year went on my confidence gained as well as my friends.

Elementary school was the best years in my life as I had many friends to enjoy it with and I was familiar with the neighborhood for a long time. I was always the person that was getting into trouble to make others laugh and was the “class clown”. I was an average student academically but really into sports such as basketball, tennis and football. Once my grandma got cancer I quit taking school as a joke and more of a way to gain new experience because I saw doctors perform multiple life threatening operations. From then on I knew what my future job was and I never took the gas pedal off.

Starting high school was tough for me, as I signed up for the IB program and I decided to enroll I did not have my friends who were there for a decade of my life. It was a new school where I had to make brand new friends and succeed in the program. At first I vaguely knew people from many of my classes but none so close to sit with at lunch. As the year went on I got more and more friends and found out that a lot of people in the program had no friends there as well.