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Dear reader,

This has been a long interesting year in Government / Economics for me, I learned plenty of things. A few topics I have learned about that I never knew before are the Electoral College system and supply and demand. My collaborative group presentations taught me a lot of things hat I had not known before because we had to work together on different topics, doing these type of projects included a lot of analyzing and thinking about the pictures we were given to present. Some skills I have developed in the writing process, critical thinking and literacy are how to analyze a picture and tell about it, it may sound silly but that has helped me a lot this year in Government and Economics. The project I felt I excelled in was the project where we had to choose a Congressional Member and tell about them, the Congressional Member I had chose to discuss was Jared Polis, I had to make a power point and write and essay on him. By doing this project I learned a lot about Jared Polis seeing how I never even knew he existed before this project. Some class activities I enjoyed the most are definitely the power points, not only did they help me study for the test they helped me learn and understand more that I did not know before. A class activity I enjoyed doing was working on review sheets and getting them explained to us. There are actually a few topics that I am more interested in after having learned about this year, those topics include supply and demand I learned how it has an effect on the people. Another topic I am more interested after having learned this year is the Supreme Court. To be honest I thought there was no assignment super challenging that I could not work through, Economics / Government is one of my stronger subject this year and nothing was really too difficult for me to work through. My role as a citizen and a future voter is to vote during every election so I could have a say in the future of our country, one person can make a big difference. Some current changing laws that I agree with is the transgender “bathroom law”, it is allowing children from