To The People Of The World

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Dear Us, To the people of the world, the ones who bask in lust and greed on Satan's shores: waking up every day just to fight for the promise land, with no direction no feeling; just stubbornness and initiative to act upon our own well being. How did we get here? A place where a man's whole life can be determined and stereotyped by race, religion, beliefs where class structures become more and more fixed. Sex and Alcohol are advertised and accepted more then morals and education. The Columns of civilized civilization have been shaken and there is no one to blame but ourselves. Now before the finger pointing begins we must remember we brought ourselves to this point. Years and years of mass hypocritical propaganda, brain-washing the people into thinking where we are is a good place. Might I remind you that this is not a good place. The question at hand is it possible to get to that good place again? Was that good place ever really even there? Is there even Hope to save man kind? But fret not companions for the first step of solving a problem is recognizing the problem. By recognizing the problem you know what and how to correct it. The problem at hand is that the world has become too caught up in lust and gluttony to remain as is. I suppose the real question at hand is it going to get better or worse? Are we going to continue falling into the pit of sin and destruction or are we going to rise. Begin the slow and hard ascent up from the depths of darkness in order to again bask in the light of caring and international brotherhood? A light that we have shunned and neglected since the beginning of time! Since that faithful day in the Garden of Eden where Eve bit into the forbidden fruit and sealed the fate of humanity forever! We have been Falling farther and farther everyday since. How do we get back into this hypothetical light? As a race we must rise above, throw away all the limitations we have placed among ourselves which includes social classes, Racism, our difference in religion, everything that we cling so dear to that is holding us back from