Death and Advanced Directives Essay

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Running Head: Advanced Directives

Advanced Directives
Jonathan Kabir
Brown Mackie University: Care of Older Adults 2
Instructor: Marleen Steinheiser
05/15/ 2014


Advanced Directives
1. Quality of life to me means living a comfortable life, having a good time during life, and making a difference and impact in this world at the same time. I am 29 years old and my religious beliefs is Christianity. With that being said, I am a science major so I combine both science and religion with my decision making in life. I will not want to be placed in a long term facility. I like to be in control of my life and in doing things. I will not want my family members to have to take care of me or even be a burden on them financially to have to pay someone to take care of me for long term. All my life I have revolved it around playing sports and have been living by myself since I moved out of home and went to college at age 18. So I will go into depression mode if I am not in control of myself. (Heydari-Fard, 2014)

2. I do wish to be an organ donor when I die. I am fine with any organ being taken from me. As far as for what purpose, I will want it only to be donated to another person who is in need of the organ. Not to a science center. I will like to make this decision and include it in my durable health care power of attorney. If I don’t do this, it will be a tough decision for my family to make and I don’t want to put this burden on them. (Albert, 1994)


3. If I was diagnosed with a terminal or irreversible condition, I will not want life supports or anything to prolong my life. I will like to be comfortable. So just pain medication and oxygen treatments will be the only medical care I will want. (Heydari-Fard, 2014)

4. When I am dying, I will only want pain medications and oxygen if needed to keep me comfortable. I will want everyone I know there. My family members, friends and whoever else who wants to be there. I will want a celebration of my life. There is nothing to cry about, I had a great time in this world. I will want to die in a hospital or at home. As far as funeral arrangement, I don’t want my family to have to pay a lot of money to buy a coffin or burial plot, etc. The cheapest method which is cremation will be the best. As far as flowers and other items, I will prefer instead of getting that just donate that money to my Christmas Adoption Fund. (Heydari-Fard, 2014)

5. Funeral costs can definitely be very expensive. The average funeral cost in 2009 was $7500. Caskets and cremation can range between $600 to $10,000, then there is the funeral director fee, embalming fee, ceremony, transportation, permits, gravestone, opening and closing the grave and the plot. (Funeralsite, 2014)

6. Completing this assignment for me was a bit difficult. To me dying is a…