Death and Love Filled Suscide Essay

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The Death of Two. The short story 'Secret for Two" written by Quinten Reynolds is being supported to the ending result in either a accident or a suicide. In this particular story an old lonley man named Peirre is left absultly friendless when his one and only friend, companion, loved one Joseph the horse had ended up tragicly dying of dreadful old age. Pierre had outlived the rest of his friends and family at only the age of seventy five. To choose between accident or suicide, i chose suicide. I chose this particular case because of the four suporting factors, the secret, growing old together, blindness and key phrases. These examples will explain why it seems to be more understandable to choose suicide over accident. Only the author really knows what really happened, it is all left to keep you thinking, guessing, wondering. Everyone has someone/something they absultly cannot survive without or that is what is seems to feel like, either it be human or animal. "let us wear out together. when Joesph is ready to retire from delivering milk- then i will to quit" (pg.92 p.8). imagine getting married then you and your significant other manage to out live all of the friends and family you keep around, then you out living your signifcant other. You would be compeltly alone and you would have lived life to its fullest potential, so why would you want to keep living? You did all there is you wanted and would do in life. So what would be the point? After all you had is now gone suddenly. " Yes I am seventy five, and i can never see Joseph agian." (pg.93 p.4). The tragety of losing a loved one makes you feel so empty inside and out, feeling empty has got to be one of the worst feelings ever. Joseph as Peirre's number one companion. It is awfully nice to have a companion, some one you can count on and especially someone to keep your secrets. Secerets are ment to be kept, protecting them by telling someone/something which cannot speak; your secret will always be safe. "See the look in the horses eyes? You know those two share a secret." (pg.92.p.7) In a matter of fact they did share a secret, a secret which only those two would know. "None of us knew, only the one knew- a friend named Joseph. It was a secret i think, just between the two." (ph.93/p12) The certain secret which those specific to shared was Peirre had been blind for just over five years, but he still had gone to work everyday and everyday he did the exact same thing, he didnt show a single trace that he was blind, he had acted like everything was just fine. "For years Pierre had worn a heavy hat, the peak of which came lower over his eyes, keeping the bitter morning out of them regularly." (pg.93/p.6). Peirre was good at hiding, maybe a little to good. Taking a tragic toll to blindness can change your whole life, but it can also be benificail in some ways, when losing one of the five sense that you have the other four get stronger; adaptation. Learning to cope with