Death and Mrs. Clark Nursing Essay

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Tiffany Cottle
Mrs. Clark
18 April 2013


Life or Death is the main focus in the movie “Wit.”. This is a documentary of a lady named Vivian Bearing that finds out she has cancer of her ovaries. In the movie Vivian goes through the five stages of grieving. She is treated with poor bedside manners and is treated as a test monkey. The movie starts out when doctor Kelekian tells Vivian about the type of cancer she has at this point. She begins to go through the five stages of death and dying. After that she goes to get an exam from one of Kelekain’s partners named Jason Posner which turns out that he was one of her former students. During the exam, she gets treated with poor bedside manners prior to Posner’s unexpected mad dash from the room. After seeing both doctors she is admitted to the hospital to test out a new drug.
Vivian Bearing is an older college professor who finds out that she has ovarian cancer (cancer of the ovaries) at this point in the movies Vivian goes through the first stage of grieving which is denial. Denial happens when the patient usually is having problems accepting the fact that they have a terminal disease. Vivian goes through this when. When Dr. Kelekian asks her if she is durable enough for the highest dosage of chemotherapy, she responds, “You needn’t worry.” At h this point she asked no questions about what harm the drug might cause her or what other types of drug they are. Vivian shows this once again when she