Death and Mummification Essay

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Explain the process of mummification froma biological/scien tific viewpoint.

Mummification is the process of eleven steps of how it was taken place.

1.) The pulling out of the brain through the nose using a hook 2.) make a cut on the left side of the body near the stomach 3.) remove all the internal organs 4.) let all the internal organs dry 5.) place the lungs, intestines, stomach and liver inside canpic jars ( look like urns) 6.) place the heart back inside the body 7.) rinse the inside of the body with wine and spices 8.) cover the corpse with natron (salt) for seventy days 9.) after 40 days stuff the body with linen,sand or materials of cloth ( this was done to make the corpse more life like and to give it the shape of a life like being.) 10.) after the seventy days wrap the body from head to toe with bandages 11.) place in a sacophagus [ a box like coffin ] This process of mummification was performed by the embalmer and was reffered to as the
Chief embalmer and wore a mask of Anubis (Anubis was the jackal headed god of the dead).
The above step-by-step procedure was a way of preserving the dead body and giving its life like look of reincarnation.This mummification was mainly used for the rich and profound people of ancient history in Egypt.

Is the process actually effective and innovative ? Justify your answer.

This process of mummification was very innovative as you can see and find research on some mummies