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Parth patel
Period 1
Date-5-18-14 "The Story of an Hour Theme of Mortality” “She wept at once, with sudden, wild abandonment, in her sister's arms”
I believe Chopin is trying to use this phrase ironically to show us that woman like Mrs. Mallard is misunderstood by their society. Mrs. Mallard's attitudes are too far outside the county to be understand. The train accident was explained carefully in order to stop a reaction and the doctors thinks that she died at his eyes from the “joy” of seeing him. “The joy that kills” they called it. The doctor said your husband is dead. Mrs. Mallard starts crying immediately. When she finally finds out what happened to her husband. It looks like she really loved her husband and she think that he's gone forever.
This is a wonderful story, so well written and that we can be Mrs. Mallard. The main person allows us this we can see through her eyes, breathe through her lungs. This makes the story really interesting because of her husband death and place is perfect. She lost all the freedom everything changed at the top of her mind. I think what happen with her and everything is taken away. She dies of the joy that kills irony to the end.
She talks about Death over this story from the beginning. It's not just that one person has suddenly died, it's that just the news of that death has the danger of killing another person. Mrs. Mallard's friends are worried she could die of shock. Every person has their own problem about dieing.
“When the doctors came they said she had died of heart disease – of joy that kills”
Mrs. Mallard's death seems understand and unhappy but natural that after such a show of that her heart wouldn't be able