Death: Are You Ready? Essay

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Death: Are you ready?
So far in class this semester, we learned many concepts from lecture number two about losses and confronting death and we also learned many concepts from the article we read inside and outside of class To Be Ready for Death. I feel lecture number two and this article go hand in hand with each other. With many different concepts that match up with each other. With all I have learned so far. I found five distinct concepts from both lecture two and the article that go perfectly with each other.
The first concepts that I feel go perfectly with each other is from the article To Be Ready for Death I learned that when we realize all events are impermanent we learn to tolerate things easier. I felt this concept went wonderfully with the concept we learned in lecture number two about Carpe Diem. What I mean by this is when we realize all events are impermanent we can have an optimistic view on life instead of a bad fatalistic view. Some other concepts I feel align very well with each other is from the article on the first page there are four major parts listed that the author of this article feels are worth contemplating. These four major parts are building ends in crumbling, gathering ends in depletion, meeting ends in parting, and birth ends in death. I feel this concept from the article goes fantastically with a concept we learned from lecture number two about deterministic forces. I think that these four major concepts the author of this article feels are worth contemplating can actually be seen as deterministic forces because we as human beings have no control over them.
Another concept from the article I feel goes hand in hand with an article from lecture number two is that when we hear about impermanence a helpful thing is to reflect on what it means and come to grips with its reality. Then we can pay more attention to our experiences in light. It’s all about how we exercise our freedom and attitude. I felt this went very nicely with a quote from Nietzsche we read on our skeletal outline for lecture number two that “He who has a why to live can bear with almost any how.” I felt these two concepts went together because when it comes down to it if you really want to live you will put everything behind you and do whatever it takes to stay alive. Also in lecture two we learned that more money is spent on hospital or over all medical care in the