Death In Marcus Zusak's The Book Thief

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Death states, “He would be a giver of bread, not a stealer- proof again of the contradictory human being. So much good, so much evil,” (Zusak 164). This is a quote from Death, our narrator. Death is fond of humans and is disgusted by them at times; in fact, the contradictory aspects of humans astound him so greatly that he mentions his amazement multiple times in the novel. Some specific people that Death is astonished with are Max and Papa. Max is a Jew ashamed of endangering Papa’s life by Papa sheltering him. Despite that Papa is a man judged for doing the right thing, he makes the virtuous decisions (Zusak 185). Marcus Zusak’s The Book Thief simultaneously exhibits the beauty and ugliness of life; Death robs people of their lives, yet …show more content…
Max is at his physical worst as he is marched through Mulching with the other Jews (Zusak 511). Liesel sees Max and they lock in an embrace. Seeing Liesel is a best for Max because it reminds him that good things remain in his world filled with hatred and pain. Max leaves his mother so he can survive and it was definitely a worst for him because he did not want his mother to die. It also is a best for Max because of the relief he feels as he realizes he will have a chance to survive. (Zusak 193) Another worst for Max is when he falls into a coma from being seriously ill. A best for him is when Liesel gives him the 13 gifts while he is sick (Zusak 393). Her doing that is recognition to him that she really cares, which is a best. It was a worst for him because Max does not want to die without a fight, and he almost did in that coma. Good and evil are exhibited in humans concurrently in The Book Thief. Death steals people’s souls, but on the contrary, he truly cares for humans in the ways he watches their lives and wishes for the best for them. Though he is ridiculed and judged for his kind actions, Papa stays true to his good heart. Despite Max hating the way he is forced to live his life due to other’s prejudices, he recognizes and appreciates the gifts he receives and the people he meets. In conclusion, regardless of the wicked things that happen to Death, Papa, and Max, they all have positive aspects and