Death In Mike Noonan's Bag Of Bones By Stephen King

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The overall theme of this anthology is a common thing, death. it connects with the poems, short stories, novel, etc. its included in many ways, one of them is The tragic death it is involved in the novel Bag Of Bones by Stephen king, 1998 when Famous writer Mike Noonan just wanted to get away from reality for a while when his wife died. He went out to their summer cabin in western Maine, because he had a writer’s block, until he found out that there was a mystery about the dark score lake that his residential cabin was on, there was a curse. This novel was a shown as a tragic, when Mr. Mike Noonan had to say Kyra from getting murdered by her grandfather from the curse beholding him. The connection between all of this is death it ties in with the overall background of the poems, and also the novel chosen for this anthology. Everyone is suited to do happiness or life, chose a situation where it’s either life or death. Which is Bag of bones by Stephen king, because it showed a powerful message, about saving an individual’s life. Choosing this topic, wasn’t hard knowing that death isn’t just about the thought of it, it’s an action that happens in thoughts, while in real life. Stephen king brought the life into the death of the words he wrote.
The Beginning of the anthology we started without novel essay then went to poems to short stories, to the big finish essay. Choosing the book Bag of bones by Stephen king as the novel for this essay is a huge part, it brings the theme together, and it’s the starting to it.
There is a choice on which road, an easy or difficult. He considers both paths but takes the less traveled, he promises to come back and take the other path yet he knows that the option/opportunity won’t come up again. “I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference” he wonders what if he took the other path, and how it could of changed things and maybe his life, the road less traveled could always be different. The speaker takes his dreams, and puts it in a reality. It shows imagery, on the way he creates his dreams, they take the good dreams and crafts beautiful images, and for bad dreams crafts other images .He asks if you understand, though no one never knows, sometimes they do. Youth appears prominently in Frost’s poetry, particularly in connection with innocence and its loss. Roberts’s poem literacy connects with youth, by the theme and the mood of it, but more of the background