My New Blessing Essay

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My New Blessing

No more parties, no more clubs, no more reckless actions, no more wild and crazy events all because of one decision. See I used to think that my life was over, and that I was now going to be a homebody for the rest of my life, but now I know that it isn’t over, but that its just beginning. Yes some people might look at me differently, and think that I’m making the worst decision of my life, but really if I was to have taken care of my problem with an abortion, I would have regretted it for the rest of my life. I wasn’t intending to get pregnant on the 11th of December, but it happened, its a crazy story too. I had just come home from school on christmas break. South Carolina State University, the best HBCU ever created, was where I was attending school at the time, but was in the process of transferring to GSU. I was in a long distance relationship, and was excited to be home because I could go spend some time with my boyfriend. However, my best friends wanted to also spend time with me because we all attended different universities, and since we was all home, they wanted to hang out, so I invited them to come to the studio where my boyfriend was. I got dressed to go pick up my friends. One of my friends wasn’t looking to hot, she had just got off of work and wanted to turn up, even though she had already been drinking at the bar she worked at, so I decided to give her some clothes and did her hair because I didn’t want anyone talking about her. After everyone was done getting dolled up, I drove to the studio. When we got there, my boyfriend and his friends were outside. I got out the car smiling and went up to my man, and gave him a big hug. We started completing each other on how good we both looked. After introducing our friends to each other we all started to chill. Some drinks came out, along with some other things. Since me and boyfriend haven’t seen each other in a while, we decided to have a little private moment. Around 3:00 am my friends wasted to leave because they had finals the next day, so we left. A week later, I had to go to the doctor and they gave me some pills that I had to take. I began to fill sick and started to vomit. I thought it was because of the pills the doctor gave me, but I soon fount out that it wasn’t because of the pills. A week later my cycle didn’t come, and I began to get a little nervous of the thought that I was pregnant. My sister and my best friend beg, basically forced me to take a test. So me and my sister went to the store and got a first response test. I had never been so nervous to take a test in my life. Those ten seconds was the most dreadful ten seconds ever. When I glanced down at the test I immediately through it. I thought I saw