Death Of A Salesman Dysfunction Essay

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Death of A Salesman

Family dysfunction is rampant in the United States of America. Arthur Miller’s Death of A Salesman written in 1949 proves that it isn’t a new concept. The Loman Family suffered from a severe case of dysfunction. This is not to say that love was not present even if it wasn’t plainly evident. However, the whole family was living in a fantasy land.
I could really relate to the dysfunction in the family. Biff leaving the family household and going on his own allowed him to see himself in a different light then what he was taught. He finally saw reality. When he came home and shared this with his family they did not want to accept it. I had a similar type of family. My family always got upset with me because I would take off on my own while my older sister never left the family fold.
Going out into the world allows you the opportunity to see the world a different way; it gives you a new perspective. You are no longer just someone’s daughter, son, sister, etc… You become the person you want to be. Biff gave himself the opportunity to become who he was meant to be. He wasn’t magnificent, he was a dollar an hour guy, he was nothing! He accepted it and it made it easier for him. He knows his strengths and accepts himself. His family couldn’t accept that. I can certainly relate to this. As bad as it sounds the best thing that ever happened to me was losing my family, it allowed me the opportunity to grow up and find out who I was. Family can be