Descriptive Essay On The Cat

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Impressions Essay As soon as the blanket covering the mangled cat was lifted, a shock was sent along the entire family. The cat appeared helpless, as if it was looking for a way to stop the suffering. All there was left to do was wait. There was absolute silence, and everybody had to watch in torment while the poor thing inhaled its final breaths. There were no more “meows” and no more paws thumping on the ground. As the cat died, there was a sudden realization that with it went a piece of that family’s close knit bond and a part of their overall cheerfulness. The longer they stood there, the more time that depression was given to sink in among the group. And with it came the smells of rotting already beginning to occur. Near the cat was a heap of trash that had been dragged out of the dumpster and brought to the side of the road. The cat had ran off late last night after being spooked by a storm and was nowhere to be found the rest of that night. It can only be assumed that he began to get hungry and garbage was the only source of food he could find. This cat though, would eat anything it could find even if it had an endless supply of gourmet cat chow. He was always consuming large amounts of food as if it was not going to be there the next time he went back for more. If he wasn’t eating, he was running and chasing anything that could move. He would even fetch objects just like a dog would. In general, he didn’t go anywhere slow and he would do anything to draw all the attention to him. Needless to say, it worked. If he ever stopped running and lied down, he would always be with someone no matter the circumstances. The affection he had for this particular family had become contagious and it began to spread like a wild fire. It was almost as if he was the spark that the family had been longing for quite some time. This cat was like no other cat and it expressed its