Essay on Death of a Salesman

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Evan Hord
Professor Flood
English 102
3 May 2012
Character Analysis: Willy Loman Throughout the play “Death of a Salesman”, written by Arthur Miller, we are able to learn about each of the characters and really connect with them. The main character, Willy Loman, was quite interesting when looking at his logic and figuring out why he acts the way he does. Willy convinces himself and others that he is a salesman when in reality he is actually unemployed barely getting by. The readers get to see through Willy’s perspective and when analyzing him see his intellectual, emotional, social, and philosophical sides of him. Willy is known more for his “street-smarts” rather than for his common sense. He is amazing when it comes to getting people to like him but on the other hand is not so good at getting a job. Willy believes that the only way you can succeed in the occupational world is if you are well liked. He preaches that it doesn’t matter if you have the qualifications for the job or if you are even smart, it just matters if people like you or not and he really pushes that idea on his two sons, Biff and Happy. His intellect doesn’t really compare to the other characters in the play. Biff comes to realize that his way of thinking is not right and will not get you anywhere in life, while on the other side Happy believes his father is completely correct and lives his life just as Willy does. I feel as if Willy is not smart enough to thrive in the world he lives in. It is almost as if Willy made up his own world and when he comes to terms with reality he kills himself because he doesn’t not want to be seen as a failure. Throughout the story I think Willy learned that his logic is considerably flawed but cannot come to terms with it which ultimately led to his demise. Another side of Willy that we see is his emotional side. I think Willy feels like he is not good enough most of the time, but lies because he really wants to be a good role model for his sons. I also think that he does feel like he is doing the right. Throughout the story Willy’s feelings about how what he is doing is the right thing worsens and he becomes delusional and does not want to come to terms with reality. Unfortunately when faces with challenges in the story Willy deals with them with lies and scams to cover up the failure and disappointment he has towards himself and the life he leads. The next side of Willy that we get to see is his social side, which I think is his strongest. Willy gets along with just about everyone in the story and